Latest Equipment & Technologies

ALREEM DENTAL CENTER is always keen to adopt the latest technologies and equipment.

it is committed in delivering the highest quality, services to our patients by implementing the top quality standards for patient’s safety, our center is equipped with the highest level of quality of medical service and standards, prevent on spread of infection through the application of the latest methods of sterilization.


The first goal of ALREEM DENTAL CENTER in the market is provide medical service in dentistry to citizens and residents, directly , via medical insurance companies or through direct contracting, institutions and residential complexes in the region through the provision and services distinct promotions with high quality services , Our center strategy with the orientations of Qatar towards private health insurance, which is heading the private sector to provide health insurance for its employees over the next few years, ALREEM DENTAL CENTER seeks to prepare for the expected development with a number of health insurance companies with extensive experience, and planning for the possibility of receiving the largest number of patients.


ALREEM DENTAL CENTER is responsible accountable in all oral healthcare procedure provided to those in need to meet the FF criteria.

Patient’s Satisfaction

We are committed to meet the healthcare needs of our patients and their expectations in cultural diversity.


We accept the responsibility for each individual and collective actions and ensure high quality clinical outcomes and safe environment.


We entrust ourselves in order to provide quality services to patients and co-workers.


We demonstrate empathy and in all the things that we say and do. It means sharing the emotions and feelings of another.


We are committed to the professional training, career development, and personal satisfaction of our medical and non-medical staffs and we encourage team accomplishments by promoting honesty, commitment, and initiative.

Ethics and Integrity

We are dedicated in providing the highest standards of patients’ care and satisfaction, in an environment that maintains high moral values and principles witch important to the patients’ values and rights.

Continuous Quality Performance

We enhance the effective use of our resources in a cost efficient manner through continual improvement of our quality performance and delivered services.


We improve patient care through health teaching and comprehensive approach to provide care by supporting innovation, continual education, training, conference and the use of state of the art technology.

Contribution to Community

We fulfill our societal responsibility and commitment to the community through associated charity activities.


We maintain the confidentiality of information of our clients.


• File opening, consultation and x-rays are free.
• We provide easy installments for orthodontic treatments.
• We accept many dental insurance plans ,We will tell you upfront what your insurance plan will pay for and offer options for taking care of any remaining balance.
• The insurance companies we provide dental care for are: axa-daman-nextcare-globmen-gems-qlm.
• with Any other insurance company, a reimbursement form could be provided upon request.


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