Located in ALazizyah, Doha, Qatar, ALREEM DENTAL CENTER is a private facility which provides high quality in oral services since 2012, and has grown to be a leader in dentistry in whole region.

We offer affordable and cost effective dental treatments as well as free consultation and x-rays.

With the use of advanced technology, our procedures are performed accurately having a good result in the diagnosis and treatment of different oral health problems with internationally quality standards and infection control.


Middle East has a rich heritage of excellence in Dentistry with some of the earliest pioneers of the field, such as (Abu Bakar Al-Razi) who spoke about the anatomy of the jaws, as well as (Ibn Sina) who described many oral diseases in details, It is this vast backdrop of pioneering medical history of dentistry that guides ALREEM DENTAL CENTER to define our mission, vision and values and helps us to put our goal professionally.


Provides exceptional oral health care in a safe and patient-centered environment, raising the standard of health services in the state of Qatar. Our center applies the most current medical practices, supported by advanced technology and highly skilled professionals in order to respect principles and patients’ rights and offers outstanding values.


Set a new standard for oral health care, adapt and comply with internationally recognized and diagnostic laboratory standards, and to be a center of excellence in the field of dentistry.

ALREEM DENTAL CENTER provides patient-centered tertiary care, emphasize disease prevention and management, and measure patient outcomes, via staff education development, art technology, equipment, personnel, and processes to achieve its goals such as:

  •  Be self-sufficient and independent.
  •  Meet the needs of our patient community.
  •  Operate on a sound financial basis.
  •  Treatment with respect, dignity and confidentiality.
  •  Contribute to community.


ALREEM DENTAL CENTER aim to apply the following values:

  •  Islamic principles: ethics, honesty, integrity, and equity.
  •  People: patients, families, visitors, and our community.
  •  Excellence: Quality, Learning, and Continuous improvement.
  •  Self-sufficiency: Independent support systems and Resource development.
  •  Accountability: Safety, Professionalism, Loyalty, and Commitment.
  •  Human Dignity: Confidentiality, Privacy, Trust, and Respect.


  • We pride ourselves on being a specialized dental center, hiring the best trained dentists and most qualified staff to provide the highest level of standard through dental care, public education and customer service.
  • Our dentists stay current with the latest in dental diagnosis and treatment by attending international courses, workshops, conferences, to ensure that our patients receive the best quality care possible.
  • We aim to provide the best quality of service with affordable mid-range payments.
  • Sterilization and infection control follow the same protocol and guidelines in Qatar.


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Al Reem Dental Center

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Address: Al Aziziyah, Al Rayyan